Green Statement

Green Statement for Modern Fence Technologies

Modern Fence Technologies is proudly committed to the protection of our environment. We recognize the economic impacts pollution and waste has in the community and the world. We are constantly working on further reducing energy consumption in our day-to-day operations.

We believe the safekeeping and care of our environment to be of high importance for security of the future. We are proactive in our processes to help alleviate our environmental impacts.

As conscientious members of the business community, we aspire and vow to take responsibility in maintaining the safeguard of our environment.

The choice that we make today will help plant the seeds for our future. we are committed to using recycled materials to reduce waste, ensuring a greener future.

  • We import nothing - this saves diesel fuel which eliminates air pollution, reduces smog, and protects our oceans.
  • We use the highest quality stainless and mild steel. This extends the life of products which reduces product replacement.
  • We powder coat our products. Powder coating is ozone and ecologically friendly which is better for air and water quality, meets US safety codes, and is not-toxic.
  • Our Warehouse facility is made of 12" insulated block walls with ceiling fans.
  • We use electric, battery operated, forklifts.
  • We recycle our own excess cardboard, paper, and manufacturing waste metals.
  • 80% of box volume is manufactured in-house.
  • We use high quality parts bins for extended use, and less waste.
  • We use a 4 day manufacturing schedule to reduce electrical and heat consumption
  • A percentage of our budget is devoted to a reduction of Excess Manufacturing Costs
  • We use state of the art programmable lighting to reduce electrical use.
  • On average, our purchased materials contain 65% recycled content.