Pneumatic Vinyl Fence Notcher

Powerful 3-piston pneumatic cylinder with palm touch actuator and precision milled notcher heads. Notches snap-lock tabs in vinyl fence rail and pickets. Notcher heads are interchangeable on all 1/4-Inch and 1/2-Inch models. Replaceable jaws are available for all models. (Air hose fittings not included.) MW-1412VFNPI comes with MW-14VFNPI complete unit and an additional interchangeable 1/2" notcher head (See specs below). 1/4" head makes 1/4"(6.35mm) snap-lock tab in up to 0.075"(1.905mm) vinyl. 3/8"(9.53mm) throat depth. 1/2" head makes 1/2"(12.7mm) snap-lock tab in up to 0.090"(2.286mm) vinyl. 7/8"(22.23mm) throat depth.