What's Wrong With This Picture?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

At first glance it looks like many other well made vinyl enclosures, however the installer did 2 things that will likely result in greater need for repair over the life of the gates. First, the installer chose what looks to be an imported hinge set. These are made to look like a copyrighted American made hinges, but they are not.

Second, the hinges are installed incorrectly. This is a common error. Look at the picture and notice how close together the hinges are spaced. Look at all the room above the top hinge and below the bottom hinge. This placement makes the entire gate system weaker than it should be. This is especially critical when using cheaper imported hinges. 

To make your gate system as strong and stable as it can be, always move the hinges as far apart as they can be. Think of the forces on the gate as a triangle. The distance between hinges is the base of that triangle, and the center of the leading edge of the gate is the apex. Gravity pulls down at the apex. The broader the base of the triangle is, the better it can resist that gravity. Applying this extra force to a hinge that is poorly made to begin with is a recipe for call backs and dissatisfied customers.

It may take a little more effort to do it correct but in the end, it's always worth doing it right. 

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